One platform, multiple use cases.
With dyte, you are not just on video call with others. Do more than just staring at faces.
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Remote work
Sprint Planning
Team Bonding
Remote Work
Team members can share a doc, sheet or presentation in a discussion while also being able to work and edit it together.
Collaborative co-browsing and co-editing enable students to interact with educators and peers.
Sprint Planning
When everyone is on the same page, one avoids confusion and errors. Use Trello to plan your daily standups or even larger sprints.
Team bonding
Play games or stream youtube and much more together. It should not be always work. Note: some features are coming soon.
A fully browser-based integration that allows you to work together with your team on the same page.
Chat and quick polls
Come to a decision instantly with polls; use the chat to share files apart from opinions.
Hassle-free yet customizable
Host controls when you need them, simple and straighforward otherwise.