Introducing Plugins.
Collaboration done right
A fully browser-based integration that allows you to work together with your team within the video call itself.
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Google Apps
Seamlessly edit the same google doc, slide, or sheet while being on dyte together. Goodbye tab switching hell.
If you ever wanted your peers to see your true gamer energy, now is your chance to do it over a video call.
When everyone is on the same page with the tasks in hand, it’s easier to track progress and coordinate.
Figma is loved for it's seamless collaboration. Take things a step further by doing it within a video call.
Ever wanted to explain something by drawing it out? No need to grab a paper, do it with witeboard.
more coming soon
We are constantly working to get more apps integrated. For the time being, check out our plugin SDK.
How to dyte?
It’s easier than plugin’ in a USB type-A
Work remotely,
yet together
No matter where you are, be on the same page when working on a dyte call.
Build & integrate your own plugin
Use the plugin SDK to integrate your own apps with dyte.
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Share screen
Share work
Screen sharing is a thing of the past, now work collaboratively as you share apps.