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Simplified video conferencing SDK

Integrate branded, configurable and programmable video calling service within 10 minutes using the dyte SDK.

Doubt us?
Look it’s as easy as...
wait, check out for yourself 👉🏽👇🏽

Have total control

What's possible with dyte?

Interactive UI Editor

Making developers' lives easier

The no code editor gives you full control. Define roles and adjust granular permissions for the users.

Configuration settings for everything, from the interface to user roles. Customize every element.

Dashboard Developer Portal
Quality data right
within your portal!
  • Ongoing Sessions
  • Participant Logs
  • Post Meeting Data
  • & much more for you to analyze
    and take decisions
Dyte On The Go
Mobile SDK for a more seamless experience
Coming soon, signup to be notified.
Backed by
Y Combinator is a seed money startup accelerator that has been used to launch over 2,000 companies, including Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox, and Twitch.


  • SDKs - Web and Mobile (coming soon)
  • Priority Support from Dyte engineers
  • UI Kit to customize and make it your own
  • Preset and Roles Builder
  • Access to plugin store (Whiteboard, Drive, Youtube, etc.)
$ 0.004
per user per minute
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